Forgive the long silence Internet, but I have been struggling with a limping broadband connection. Which is due to a certain PERSON in the household downloading WOW patches and using up all our gigs in record time. Oh the humanity…

Now I have to post from work and I have not quite got the hang of using i-disk yet. I thought I uploaded more photos to share with you, but in the end only had two.

This first one shows the results of much cleaning up and throwing away and reorganising of stuff that was on the back deck outside the bedrooms. Which I had to do, to get everything off it, so I could clean it and oil it and finally give Dad his high-pressure water cleaner back. Phew. Remember what I said about one job leading to ten others? Plus.

Scamp is unimpressed by all my work. He thought it was fine before. Plus, now his kennel looks shabby in comparison. Maybe I should give it a coat of paint? Oh, I should never have started.

This is Mary Webb, a beautiful soft yellow David Austin rose. A tall grower with a very fine perfume. The yellow is most pleasing with lavender grown in front of it.

There are many other roses coming out now, including my favourite Othello. I have never seen so many buds on the rose bushes, so this year should be a good one. But there are also so many weeds, I feel all faint just thinking about it.

The weather has warmed up and our dirt road is powder dry again already. I wish I was God, so I could drop a scroll from the sky, surrounded by trumpeting angels and fierce, sword-wielding angels too. It would unfurl right in front of the cars speeding up and down our road, throwing up huge clouds of dust with happy abandon. And lo, it would read, in large glittering letters;