The rain, the rain; the grass is a swamp, the roses bow down, the trees are sagging under the weight of their sodden foliage and still the clouds hang heavy and grey.

The photo above is Glamis Castle, a David Austin rose. This is the only time of the year it looks half decent. It’s a rotten, spotty thing the rest of the time.

Tamora, another David Austin rose. Usually a small and straggly bush, but the fragrance is so strong, like incense. This has been Tamora’s best year yet, the bush looks very healthy and lots of buds. It must have appreciated all this rain.

The latest of the flowering crab apples to bloom is Malus ioenis plena. Also the best, I think. Abundant blossom of the most heavenly form and colour.

Unknown red rose that grows over the arbour that leads to the round garden. Not a repeat flowerer, but a rich and luscious dark red with a beautiful fragrance. A very large and strong grower.