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There are two types of Echium growing in the garden. This is the deeper blue one and the other is a paler, greyer blue. I once had an Echium plant which had really massive flower heads, much fatter than these ones. The flowers were a royal blue, almost purple. But they were so big and heavy that they would invariably fall over and lie on the ground. Not the best position to be admired from, so I pulled the plant out in the end.

I grew a vegetable!

This globe artichoke plant looked beautiful, until it fell over, or was knocked over by the dog, who knows… I thought that was the end of it, but no, it is producing these lovely artichokes from it’s prone position. I feel like applauding it. Bravo!

I have been refreshing the paths with more gravel. This sort is called Tuscan toppings, because of the pinkish orange colour.

This is the seat by the pond. In warm weather, a good place to sit in the late afternoon, with a glass of cool white wine, and watch the birds bathing.

And this blue flowering grass I mentioned last post? As I suspected, it’s not Morning Flag at all. I found the old label and it’s actually Aristea Ecklonii. So now you know. The label did say that the plant did not like to be disturbed once established, which is obviously a load of old cobblers. It has popped up in several places in the garden and could become a bit of a weed, so I will have to keep my eye on it.