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Bearded Iris- where did the other colours go? They were there last season…

I think this blue flowering grass might be Morning Flag, Orthrosanthus multiflorus. I can’t find the original label, although I do remember that it said that the grass did not like to be disturbed once established. I dug it up and divided it anyway and now it’s thriving all over the garden.

Self-seeded Echiums and the native hibiscus on the little hill near the driveway.

A self-seeded foxglove that is growing crammed into the corner of a plastic pot. This photo looks artificially lit, I don’t know why.

The lilac is blooming very heavily this year, looking lovely against the yellow Banksia rose.

There is a small white lilac growing against the back fence.

‘Reine des Violettes’ an old-fashioned rose, blooms along the deck.

Keeping the paths free of weeds is impossible with all the rain.

I dug up and moved a lot of compost today; hard, stinky work. Spring rain brings happiness, with abundant growth, but can also be a bit of a bummer, shortening the season for some flowering plants. The last cold snap did the Banksia rose in. And all the weeding that needs to be done, my dear. Don’t get me started, I could whinge all night.

Happy birthday P.; he turned 47 today. We started dating when he was 19 and I was 16. It feels like yesterday. And also a long, long time ago. I guess both are true.