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The weather is damp and soggy and so am I. You forget how completely miserable a trivial thing like a head cold can make you feel. Waking up is a horrible, horrible experience right now.

So, on to important things, like, what’s the haps in the garden?

Firstly, the giant Banksia rose, the one making a takeover bid for the whole garden, is blooming. There are entire trees under this thing.

You can see it is in the process of devouring the weather vane as well.

The lilacs are also in bloom. Lilacs have absolutely no garden merit at all for 95 percent of the year. They are a scraggly and untidy small tree, which I feel take up space unnecessarily. I could use that space. Then they bloom. And all is forgiven. For now.

The Japanese maple trees have put on their new green leaves.

The echiums are just starting to bloom. Mine always seem to come out a bit later than those elsewhere. These lovely giant spikes of blue are worth the wait, though. Another happy self-seeder in the garden, that doesn’t give a fig if you never water it.

We finally have a new outdoor setting. Very fine. Now we just need some weather that would actually make it usable.

The apples are blossoming. My apple trees bloom very heavily one year, then lightly the next. This is a light blooming year. Apple blossom is so simple and pure looking.

The irises are full of promise for a good show this year. They are in an area of the garden know as Ant Kingdom. This area does not get weeded, because a large bull ant’s nest is there. Terrifying. Bull ants are the angriest creatures I’ve ever encountered. They want to bite you. So. Much.

So the stuff I’ve planted there before the bull ants took up residence, including irises, pelargonium cuttings, roses, transplanted self-seeded euphorbiums, three Cotinus Smoke Bush and the one Goldfussia that survived the summer there; it all just has to out-compete the weeds, or go under. It all gets zero watering too. So far, it’s putting up a good fight.

I borrowed Dad’s high pressure water cleaner to clean the terrace before the new table was delivered. So I thought while I had it, I should also clean the deck. Leo moved all the furniture off for me. And then I thought I may as well stain the deck, whilst the furniture was elsewhere. Thus does one small task multiply…

Oh, and the cushions on the bench seats have to be stood up whilst not in use, or Scamp lies on them, leaving them very hairy. The joy of pets.

And the Iceberg roses are starting to bloom above the wallflowers, as promised.

But today? Today is my day off and it is raining. And I have a terrible cold and am not fit for company or outings. Or even housework, I reckon. And I am just going to lie on the couch and read magazines and drink tea until things dry up a bit.