This morning, I was home unexpectedly to wait for a delivery. So did I use the time productively? You betcha, where’s my camera? Let’s get some garden love happening…

First, the bluebells, which are still in full bloom;

then the Dampiera, even bluer than the bluebells,  and such a lovely groundcover;

and Euphorbias are all over the garden, thanks to their wanton self-seeding ways. I love their lime-green flowers.

The Darwinia Citriodora grow under the little Senkaki maple tree. Their flowers are very demure, but so pretty.

The front garden is a froth of  Carex ‘Frosted Curls’ and Limonium or Statice.

Before I show you the pond as it looks this morning, you should see it when we first put it in, back in 2007;

Dismal, yes? But now;

a little paradise for all the critters around. Many tiny birds live in the garden; wrens, robins and finches. They love to bathe here. The sides slope gently, so it is shallow enough for small birds to enjoy safely. The pond is full of tadpoles as well as other small creatures. And the frogs are still spawning;

The following photo has little merit, except that I carted and barrowed all those pebbles to the areas under the eaves that get no rain and little sun. So my muscles hurt and I need to show SOMEONE all that work I’ve done;

And the freesias and the boronia smell insanely good.