Yesterday’s beautiful morning sunshine sent me inside… to fetch my camera.

These are Earlicheer jonquils, which ironically, flower later than all the rest in the garden, because they are in a spot that is late to get the sun.

The sheer abundance of growth this season is fantastic. All that rain. Spring and early Summer is such a good time for the garden, before the heat of late Summer tires it out.

This is the only bronze flax that I planted that survived the horrible summer of 2009. Note little pot next to it is growing a lovely weed.

The green blob just behind these wallflowers is an Iceberg rose. It has some nice fat buds on it, so I’m hopeful of seeing a lovely picture of white roses with a background of rich purple flowers in a few weeks.

These little geraniums are a lovely dark plum, almost brown. They propagate very easily – I just pull a little clump off and plant it -so I have quite a few around the garden. They suffer a bit in the heat of Summer, but recover well.