Okay, now it’s getting weird. After posting about how Gymea lilies popped into my head recently, I got a comment from the lovely Jane saying how that was odd, because she had seen them in the wild, not knowing what they were, just before reading my post about them. Coincidence, but not too strange. And then I walked into my local organic fruit and veg shop, and there in all it’s massive glory, right in the centre of the shop, was a Gymea lily. I have never seen them displayed anywhere before.

I took a photo on my phone. It truly is a spectacular sight. Sort of primitive, like a pre-historic flower. This is a lily with muscles. All the little wimpy flowers around it are cowering in fear and awe.

What does this recurrence of Gymea lilies mean? Probably nothing. But weird, hey?

PS. I just looked them up on the bush flower essences site, and this is what they have to say about the Gymea lily:

Also known as the Giant Lily, this extraordinary plant bears large red flowers on a huge terminal head atop a stem of up to four metres high. Being so high the flowers are not seen clearly from the ground. This remedy is for excessive pride and arrogance and helps bring about humility. The Essence is for reaching up to the energy of arrogance and transforming it to achieve great heights. It gives strength to those who are ahead of their peers and helps them to stay at the top. Gymea Lily is also very beneficial for people whose personalities are very intense or extrovert, or those who are dominating, demanding and very charismatic who usually get their way. It is also for people who like to be seen and noticed and who seek glamour and status.