There are certain trees around my neighbourhood that I look forward to seeing each Spring. There is a huge white magnolia in one street, which is I love, especially when in full bloom. It’s abundance always lifts my heart. And there is this weeping cherry in another nearby street:

It is absolutely massive, not the normal tiddly little specimens you see around the place. It dwarfs the house behind it. I would love to trespass into their garden when it is in bloom and just stand underneath that giant pink canopy and gloat at all that blossom. But I’m too gutless to actually do it.

Actually, the house was sold last year and I was quite sad, because they trimmed this magnificent tree. All the hanging branches used to reach right down to the ground and it looked even more spectacular in bloom. In summer too, the green leaves made a cool emerald room, perfect for hiding in, I imagine.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people trim the branches of their weeping cherries, so that the trees lose their graceful habit and look like stumpy little parasols. I wish they wouldn’t.

Although I would have preferred it left untrimmed, this large cherry was left with (just) enough of it’s form to still be graceful. And it’s SO PINK.

Luckily, I’ve learned to love pink, so I can fully appreciate it’s charms.