As usual, Spring has swept me out of doors and into the garden, and there is little room in my head for anything but gardening. I become a bit obsessed this time of year… Spring fever has indeed struck, cold weather be damned!

I have been out spreading Dynamic Lifter and now everything, the garden, the house and me, stinks to high heaven. I trimmed the Virginia Creeper that covers the west wall of the house and tied up the long canes of the ‘Charles Austin’ rose that also lives on that wall. I trimmed the Pandora vine that runs along the front of the house while I was at it. And weeding. Always more weeding.

I planted some salad seedlings in the old vegie patch, as preparation of the new one is going very slowly indeed. I always buy seedlings, as I am spectacularly unsuccessful at growing anything from seed. And vegies are not my strong suit either. But I should be able to get some salad leaves grown at least. If the snails don’t eat them.

And now I am going to bring in some firewood and then have a shower – I really do stink!