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All right, I admit it, I have been a bit short with my loved ones of late. I have failed to be thankful and to count my blessings. I have been tearful, tired and frail.

All indications of needing a little alone time, with maybe some music playing or Radio National on and a bit of creative space. Just me and my friend Skully. He doesn’t mind how churlish I am. He just grins. But if he’s ‘Scully’, then am I Mulder?

You know that reminds me of something really strange. Do you remember how Mulder was sometimes called ‘Spooky Mulder’? I loved this show, but P. never watched it, being one of those shows he has absolutely no attraction to at all. Like many of the shows the boys and I love, sad to say.

Anyway, this happened some years ago, but a long while after the whole ‘X-Files’ series had finished. P. was walking in the back gate and I was on the deck outside the back door. We saw each other and both said, simultaneously, “Hi, Spooky”. The weirdest thing about that was, we never have called each other Spooky, either before or since. And neither of us could explain why we said such a thing at the time.

One of those weird random coincidences that have no explanation.