The decay of these blowsy, rain-spotted and definitely past-their-best magnolias make them more beautiful to me than when they were in their pristine state. I love the cinnamon tones, contrasting with the white of the blemished petals. And I love the overall feeling of abandon that these blooms have.

But perhaps that’s just me.

You may notice that there is nothing under this little magnolia tree – which has not grown an inch in ten years, I might add- except weedy long grass. I am thinking that next season I should underplant with purple wallflowers that are flowering right now.

They are much more of a true purple than my camera seems to realise. These look disgustingly pink.

No, on second thoughts, I think the plain green background is a better foil for such overblown beauty. I could still get rid of the weeds though, and replace them with the dark green, strappy-leafed Liriope.