I had a bath this afternoon. This is a rare event these days. Max was asleep on the couch, still a little feverish and I didn’t want to wake him, so I couldn’t finish the vacuuming. It was raining again, so I couldn’t weed the garden. So I decided to treat myself, after my scare this morning (see last post) and take a bath.

Lying in lovely hot water, listening to the rain on the roof, I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend who is currently renovating her bathroom. She was discussing paint colours with a paint vendor whom I have also dealt with. Although he’s an interesting and genuine sort of bloke, he can come on a bit strong with his opinions. He told her rather forcefully that the warmest colour in a bathroom should be the people in it; no reds, no oranges. Bathrooms should be neutral or cool colours only.

Well, here’s my bathroom:

This bathroom was renovated five years ago and I am still not tired of the red, the timber and the warm sandy colours of the tiles. It works in this situation because the bathroom is on the southern side of the house and so gets no direct sunlight. The skylight is huge and means it is always light, even on overcast days like today. The original small bathroom, tiny laundry and separate toilet have all been amalgamated into one large room. One large warm-coloured room. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.