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Friday is my day off work. I usually try and clean the house, so that the weekend is free for family and socialising and cooking. Today, as I went about my tasks, my vision suddenly went strange. Like when you have looked at a light that’s too bright and have spots in your vision. Except it got stronger and it was sort of circular, with radiating zigzag edges, with rainbow colours. Ten long minutes later, it was still happening.

I panicked. I’m not usually a panicky sort of person. I tend to take the “let’s just wait a bit and see what’s going to happen next” line of action when something unusual happens. But this was MY EYES, you know, MY EYES. I started to think cataracts, detached retinas, strokes, brain tumours… Will I have this forever? Will it get worse? Will I go blind? How will I paint when I’m blind? Will I be an inspiration to everyone I know, with my calm acceptance of my fate? While I secretly wish I was dead? The beauty of the world, which I love so much, how can I stand to lose it?

Yep, full-blown panic. But a quiet panic, as Max is home with a cold today and I don’t want to panic him. Yet. Not until I’m completely sightless and he has to guide me to the phone to call the ambulance.

I tried to look at my eyes in the mirror, but I couldn’t focus on them. I covered one eye. Zigzags still there. Covered the other. Yep, still there. So. Do I ring the doctor? But he’ll want to see me and I can’t possible drive to the doctor like this. I go to the computer.

Fortunately, I still have enough field of vision to be able to read, although the words are a little blurry. And there on the blessed internet, I find a complete description of my condition, with pictures. I have an eye migraine. They usually last about twenty minutes. No treatment needed.

Image from http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/ocular-migraine.htm

As soon as I know that it’s temporary, I relax. The zigzags are getting wider and fainter. Now they are gone. I can focus again. I look in the mirror. My eyes look fine. The body is a strange and marvellous thing. Thanks, internet.