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I never thought I would be the type to desire a nice tea towel. A tea towel of all things!

But then I spotted some rather gorgeous ones at Skinny La Minx. Little works of art, all made by hand, screen printed to Heather’s own designs. I’ve also never purchased anything using Etsy before. But I really wanted these tea towels.

So I ordered them and they arrived, beautifully packaged, all the way from South Africa. It’s so exciting to get a package in the mail. Heather put a lovely note in to wish me fun drying the dishes.

But there’s no way I’m going to USE them! They’re way too good. I’ll just keep them in a drawer and hang them on the oven rail when people come over to visit. Yeah.

My gorgeous sister Holly held a little workshop last Saturday, teaching her less cluey sisters how to make sourdough bread. She gave us starter, so I am attempting on my own today. But I forgot to buy bread improver and it’s not rising much…

The rain is keeping me from the garden, weeds are growing on top of weeds, the hedges need trimming, the paths are disappearing under moss and grass, everything is soggy and I had so forgotten what it’s like gardening through a normal winter.

So I have tidied the study instead today, a job I had been putting off for months. It’s so much nicer now. A little orderliness makes me unreasonably happy.