Hello. I’m back.

Feeling a little tired as we were out at a cocktail party last night. A cocktail party, I might add, where they didn’t have any cocktails. I had to wash down my disappointment with a couple of litres of warm sparkling wine, which was all good and could not in any way be related to feelings of delicacy and general teariness today. I think I may have eaten a bad prawn.

We have a friend who works for a broking firm and each year his firm throws a cocktail party for valued and cashed-up clients. He invites us to these so that he has someone human to talk to. Usually it is at the NGV and includes a private viewing of some really great exhibition. We saw the Picasso exhibition, the Guggenheim collection, don’t remember the others now. Stupid prawn messing with my brain cells.

But this year, what with GFC and all, budget cut-backs meant the party was at the Melbourne Museum and the private viewing was of the Titanic exhibition. Some stuff that had been sitting at the bottom of the sea for 100 years. Meh.

Venue was good, I got to suck down sub-standard plonk staring at Phar Lap’s stuffed carcass, which was a first, but the exhibition, well, it came across rather like a school project grown out of control. I guess my lack of interest in the whole Titanic phenomena is reflected in the fact that I’ve never even watched the movie.

Yes, that’s correct, I have never watched the most popular, highest-grossing epic movie of all time, James Cameron’s block buster Titanic. But I am not totally uninformed, because I have watched the historically accurate and pyschologically insightful Thumbtanic.

“Does anyone have a banana… or some type of sweet fruit?” is now the predictable response to many problems aired in the Small Concerns household.