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Oh yeah, it’s cold out there. I put on my warmest woollies today.

That blur beneath me is Miss Scruffy, of course.

When I wear this colour combination I feel a little bit smug, just because I like it so much. Smugness is not attractive, but there it is.

I am particularly fond of this grey woollen skirt with the embroidered hem line; I found it at a second hand shop- not an op shop, but nonetheless a good one for finding interesting vintage clothes. It’s called ‘The Red Parasol’ and it’s next to the National bank in Croydon’s main street. The black tunic top over it is my indispensable-cover-all-sins-warmest dress/top. It’s from the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ factory outlet, in Prahran or South Yarra from memory.  I bought that a couple of seasons ago- wait, no I didn’t, it’s from five years ago, how did that happen? The scarf is a cheapy from Jay Jays, purchased purely for its colour. The gloves are a hand knit purchased last year; they’re knitted with eco wool, whatever that is. It sounds nice and ethical. I know, I am deeply shallow.

I finally made the time to update all my blog bits and pieces today; a proper blog roll at last. I’ve been meaning to do that for ages. I missed yoga because I got so involved in fiddling with it. Grrr. And I’m still not quite happy with the header photo; I will find a better one. One day.

Last night I re-read Peter Temple’s ‘The Broken Shore’, because I was missing reading ‘Truth’ already. It was damn good, just as I remembered. And I still have a crush on Joe Cashin. I found it much easier to read than ‘Truth’, a little more optimistic and the writing is less cryptic. Though just as dark and brooding; wonderful Australian gothic. More please, Mr. Temple. I will have to go and check out his back catalogue.