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Tis the season to savour your food. The cold weather gets even weak appetites revved up. This is what I had for lunch today:

It’s duck soup that P. made.

Last Saturday we went to a Chinese restaurant that specialises in Peking duck. We had duck soup, duck pancakes with cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce, then some vegetable and noodle dishes. Then one of the Chinese ladies in our party asked for the duck bones to take home, and gave P. one to make soup with. When I say bone, it was actually a whole duck, minus legs but with still plenty of meat on it.

The next day P. used it to make soup. He added vegetables and split peas and it smelt absolutely amazing. Although I couldn’t eat any of it until today, as I was completely ‘ducked out’ from that Saturday’s dinner.

And for dinner tonight, in honour of Bastille Day, we are having beef pie from the La Brioche, the French bakery. We will have it with a big green salad, some roast tomatoes and apple flan, also from La Brioche, for dessert.

Viva la France!

Jonquils from the garden are a holy stink in the house and the rain is playing staccato tunes on the tin roof.

I love winter!