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Happy birthday to my lovely sister Holly!

Still on the holidays theme, last year Holly and I spent 10 days at a yoga retreat in Ubud. It was the best holiday I have ever had. We did yoga and meditation every day. We walked through rice paddies to the beauty salon for massages and beauty treatments. We ate at magical local restaurants that seemed to be constructed of little platforms floating on the hillsides. We had a wonderful, wonderful time. I came back invigorated, energy levels high, spirits cheered, eyes clear and bright. Oh, if I could live like that all the time, I would be a much better person.

I made a little painting when we were there, of the wantilan, the pavilion where we practised yoga. So I have had it framed and am giving it to Holly for her birthday tonight.

A small reminder of our wonderful time together.

And it’s Friday and all the work has been done. P. and I are run down, unhealthy and strung out, but who cares, because WE ARE ON HOLIDAYS! Hooray!