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Listening to: no-one.

Reading: nothing.

Exercising: forget it.

Getting ready for a holiday when you run a small business is no joke. No wonder we rarely have them. P. has not taken a break other than Christmas/New Year for at least 3 years.

So we are frantically trying to finish everything off before the weekend. I hope we don’t have to work on the weekend too, as it would be nice to have some time to pack and get the freezer full of meals for the boys. Meanwhile the garden is neglected, the housework is half done, my art materials are spread all over the dining table and guilt is setting in over abandoning the boys. Ah, the joys of holidays!

Maybe I feel apprehensive about leaving because of this:

which is what happened last year when I went on holiday. Peter was home to cope with it all, thank goodness. There was a severe wind storm around August-September last year. It cut a narrow path of devastation through some of the outer eastern suburbs and our block was one of those hit.

We had approximately 25 trees down. Many were snapped in half around 30 foot up. It looked like a tornado had hit. It took months and expensive heavy machinery to get it all cleaned up. Much was taken away but we still have a huge pile waiting to be cut up for fire wood. We have no large gums near the house, so we were lucky really. Many houses nearby had roof damage.

Anyway. Once I get on the plane and have a soothing G&T, I’m sure the stress free holiday mode will kick in. Won’t it?