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I love craft. I have dabbled in craft. I have made some felt. Some dolls. Done some sewing. I pretty much sucked at all of it.

Knitting was the craft I thought I might have a chance with. I knitted a couple of little, not-too-horrible jumpers for my boys when they were small. I haunted the local wool shop at Warrandyte – long since gone – poring over Kaffe Fassett books and spending way too much money on expensive wool that didn’t get used.

Then at a sad time, I needed a distraction, so I began knitting a big jumper. Big and ambitious.

Here it is, modelled by the lovely Mr Leo and his assistant Miss Scruffy:

The jumper worked somewhat, in that it provided a soothing occupation when I was knitting it; but as clothing, it’s an abject failure. It’s really thick and uncomfortable to wear. And clumsily knitted too, I have to admit. It was a massive effort to complete and it certainly took the wind out of my sails as far as knitting goes.

I must confess that I intended to put more photos of it in, but the close-ups are just too unsightly and I can’t make myself.

So I must be content with cruising the many crafty blogs out there, sighing in envy over those beautifully made and entirely wearable creations that more craftily-abled bodies can produce. For instance this blog is on many blog lists and boy, do I desire one of those gorgeous scarves.

More power to your arm, crafty creators! I salute you.