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Reading: ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder.

A quick reading list update- finished ‘Human Croquet’ by Kate Atkinson; it was good, quite similar to ‘Behind The Scenes At The Museum’. I kept forgetting that I wasn’t reading Carmel Bird – they have much in common, I think. I also read the two David Sedaris collections prior to ‘When You Are Engulfed In Flames’. Very funny, but a bit spoilt by having read his latest first. I wish I’d read them in order.

Admiring: what my clever son showed me he made last night.

Max designed the character himself, for a game he and a friend at school are creating. It’s weighted at the bottom with a 5 cent piece so it stands well. With another friend he is writing a sit-com script and with his band members he is writing songs. I like it that the kids are so creative and collaborative. Some kids are sporty; some, like my eldest son, are academically inclined and like to play with words and ideas. Max is attracted to games, television, cinema and computers. These interests could all be very passive. Instead, he is inspired to create in these mediums. I find this encouraging and am often entertained by his quirky ideas.

A couple of years ago, he went to a dress-up party where the theme was the letter ‘R’. So he made this costume:

a Radioactive Cola vending machine. Well, of course.

Listening: to my latest Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie album, again. I keep going back to it. I love it more and more and I’ve got out his older albums to listen to again. It’s definitely got under my skin in that inexplicable way that music can.