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The rain kept me out of the garden today. We got a walk in before it started, down to the local cafe, Cog, for coffee. The weather was sunny and pleasant when we started and got progressively colder and greyer as we headed home. The sky hung heavy and low as I trudged about the garden in my gum boots and then the rain began.

The boys were occupied in the shed and P. was out in the afternoon, and suddenly there was a bit of space and quiet in the house. So I painted a small painting. The first painting for a long, long time. It felt good to be painting with no expectations and no fuss. Just a little acrylic rendition of some pretty cyclamen I have in a pot on the table.

Back in the saddle? Well, maybe. I think no expectations works better for me right now.

And in a weeks time, P. and I are on holidays. We are going to Paris for two weeks. I can’t quite grasp the reality of that yet. We have never travelled to Europe before. Or left the boys alone to fend for themselves… oh, there’s much to worry about there! Thankfully, my wonderful parents are taking over the burden of ferrying Max to and from school and will be around to make sure they don’t come to any harm.

Paris. I can’t imagine us there, but there we’ll be!