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This afternoon the sunshine was so lovely. It lit up the Japanese maples out the back.

They are common seedling maples, but very beautiful.

I was home from work a bit earlier than usual, so I took the dog for a walk. I left the vacuum cleaner abandoned in the hall (for the fourth day in a row), the bathroom still dirty and the washing unsorted.

Our usual route is to leave by the back of our property and walk the hill up to the Warburton Trail.

Then we like to duck off into the streets, because I love to sticky-beak at people’s houses. The area we live isn’t always picturesque, but it does have a distinct character, a flavour of the hills that harks back to the twenties;

and some quirky features.

This little tree house has several rooms, all impeccably furnished. I couldn’t photograph them, unfortunately, because of the reflections in the perspex windows. But they are immaculate and change with the seasons. There are little fairy figurines in the garden beneath the tree. The dog gave himself a fright when he sniffed one and it moved. But it was only because he knocked it with his nose.

Coming home, the moon hanging in the pale sky, with a slash of cloud diagonally below it, looked like a Paul Klee painting.