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We went to visit the Victorian Supreme Court on Saturday. It was open to the public as part of Law Week. I was especially curious to see the library which I’d heard was very beautiful. And the dungeons.

Breakfast at Proud Mary first. The best coffee. And I had baked figs with marscapone. Yum.

Then we headed to the court.

Although the web site had stated no booking was necessary, apparently it WAS necessary if you wanted to see the dungeons. So we missed out on that. The security people also held all cameras; no photos were allowed to be taken in the court. So here are the photos I didn’t take with my mobile phone:

As you can see, the library is indeed very beautiful. I wish I had my camera to do it justice… ha ha, unintentional pun…We climbed up the stairs and came into a windowless room filled with cardboard boxes. Through a door into another windowless room lined with shelves and old books. The walls were curved and there were chairs stacked against them. Through another door into an empty room with a spiral staircase in the middle.

I felt like I had walked into one of my dreams. Quite surreal. Up the stairs was a small gallery, lined with more bookshelves and lovely round windows which made the rather prosaic view seem magical.

It was well worth the visit.

No gardening got done this weekend, but Dr Who was a wonderful treat on Sunday evening- great story, lots of fun. Vampires in Venice, I loved it!

I have just read Lionel Shrivers book “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. It was riveting. I know I’m a bit slow to come to this book, but the subject matter sounded sensationalist when it came out, so I avoided it. But since it was recommended and loaned to me, I had no excuse not to read it over the weekend. It was so awful and so good. The questions posed are unanswerable, of course. Questions like; can someone be born evil? How much blame can a mother take for their child? It was a chicken and egg question in this book, with no definite answers. Very like life. I did feel a bit voyeuristic, reading about such intense misery, even though I know it is fiction. It was too believable. That horrible slow apprehension for the fate of the narrator’s husband and daughter as the last chapters approached is a reading experience I doubt I’ll forget.

I am listening to ‘Music From the Big Pink’ by The Band while I type this. A voyage into nostalgia. My parents had it on cassette tape when I was young and every song on it is imprinted into my brain as if I was born knowing it, even though the tape died long ago. I recently ordered it from JB Hi Fi and gave the cd to my mum. But I kept a copy on iTunes to listen to when I feel like firing up those old neural pathways again. It has the best version of ‘Long Black Veil’ ever. And how good is ‘The Weight’? And ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’? Great songs.