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Yesterday, I was out the front of the house and glancing up through the glass doors, thought I had left a light on inside. But I was actually seeing right through the glass doors on the other side of the house, where the autumn sunshine was lighting up the Japanese Maple ‘Senkaki’.

The yellow reflects the light and makes it shine like a tree full of candles. Wattle blossom can do that too. We used to have an beautiful acacia outside the front door, which when in bloom was a cloud of sunshine. It was sacrificed, sadly, in the driveway rebuild, but I have planted two to replace it in the new garden bed.

At night, the ‘Senkaki’ catches any available light and glows like a torch in the dark.

The yellow roses are blooming right now.

They are called ‘Moulineux’ and the unopened rose is ‘Grace’; both David Austin varieties.