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I’ve not been tip-top, one-hundred percent and storming the gates of life lately. My lovely “health provider” has given me drops and pills and ointment, told me no exercise for now, not even yoga, no alcohol and no more than one cup of not-too-strong coffee a day. And to keep warm. Strangely, it didn’t feel restrictive, just very comforting to be told what to do; a sign of how unwell I have been feeling, I guess. Already I am feeling much better. So I’ve cooked a simple dinner and now I’m just mooching about the house, instead of at yoga class.

Flipping through old sketch books.

Watching ‘Firefly’ on dvd. We like it so far.

Leo is playing a tune for me. Shame the guitar is missing a string and is very out of tune as well.

It’s nice to be given permission to take it easy, isn’t it? But a shame to feel that we need permission.