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I borrowed David Sedaris’ new book from the library some weeks ago, returned it and then borrowed it again and very reluctantly returned last week. I loved it so much I wanted to read it again, but actually I ran out of time and just re-read little bits of it. Which is easy to do because he writes in essay form. He is brilliantly sly and funny and this little collection of musings made me laugh out loud several times. He is at his most merciless when writing about his family, but also about himself and his foibles. I may have to buy it- or at least borrow it for another time.

I had to cheat with this pic. I thought I had taken a photo of the cover, but couldn’t find it, so I googled up this one. In the process, I found this pic, which typifies the sort of humour you will find in the book:

Now I’ll have to get hold of his other books.