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Yesterday was a big shopping day. I have been making sure the boys have decent clothes for the wedding next Saturday and then had that panicky ‘what on Earth will I wear’ feeling.

So determined to go shopping for me this time.

Started well with breakfast at Proud Mary, which is at the corner of Oxford and Stanley Street in Collingwood. If you are ever in that neighbourhood, I can recommend this place. P. and I have been several times and it is fantastic. I had baked figs with caramelised brown sugar and marscapone and filo pastry wrapped around some sort of delicious nut mix. And two excellent coffees.

Then into the city and down the laneways looking for the fun clothes shops. I was on a limited time here, so not much time to take pics. These were almost literally ‘taken on the run’ as I zoomed through.

Mission not successful, though I found plenty of options, but I felt too rushed to make a decision. You know, I was thinking I looked okay that morning too, until I saw myself in the shop mirrors. Oh boy, time for a visit to the hair salon again and I should wear more makeup. A LOT more makeup.

I did find some really nice black heels for just $29 though.

Then I met P. elsewhere in the city and we went to the Vic Market. Beautiful. I love the market.

We bought lots of food, everything looked so delicious  and of course, I can’t go past flowers;

so a bunch of large red gladdies came home with us too.

We made our way towards Gertrude Street then. Now what did I post last time about shopping with the zombies? Well, my words caught up with me in Carlton as we struggled through the traffic;

yes, it was the zombie shuffle. So many of them, and the costumes were fantastic! If there had of been a parking space anywhere, I would have jumped out to take more photos, as the zombies looked so good. But I had to content myself with shooting from the car window, which isn’t easy.

Then we finally made it to Gertrude Street, trawled through more shops, no luck. But a great little second hand bookshop, down one of the side streets; it looked like something you would see in Bali.

Then into Smith Street, and I found it! A swing jacket in a blue-grey, which I can wear with a silk dress I own that would otherwise be not warm enough for May. Maybe with a shrug if it’s really cold, black stockings, my new black heels and some bling, et voila! Wedding outfit sorted. And it was under $100.

Then I was dead tired and we went home.