It’s fun to be a tourist in your own town:

Hosiers Lane has been in the news recently, because some hapless council workers painted over a valuable Banksy piece of graffiti. Well, Banksy or no, there is still plenty to marvel at here.

I was given lunch here today, a treat from a dear friend:

How good is tapas? I could eat like that every day.

And we walked past the most amazing flower shop front (I hate the word florist– too ugly to describe such a lovely thing):

I love visiting the city- there’s so much creativity on display.

I may be back there tomorrow, if I can summon up the energy. We have a wedding to go to in a week and I need a dress. The city, or the inner suburbs, is definitely the place to look. Otherwise I will end up with my soul eaten away after a day wandering a suburban shopping centre with all the other consumer zombies, slowly losing my will to live amongst racks of overpriced, Chinese-made tat.

However, dress shopping for an occasion is always fraught, no matter where you are. Wish me luck.