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All right, this has been driving me nuts.

P. bought this body wash gel and it’s one of Woolworths home brands. Every morning in the shower I look at it and wonder. What the hell is that graphic supposed to represent?

It claims to have Vitamin E in it. Is this some sort of enlarged view of Vitamin E? But the blue streaky bits seem more like waves. So what the hell is that weird lumpy bit? It looks like a fat sheep on its back floating down a river. Is it a pearl with a mutation? Or a moisture bead, whatever that is? Why is it at that angle? And with a mirror image? The more I look at it, the more sinister it seems, like an egg sac from an alien. Or a horrid pulsating pustule magnified by electron microscope, or those scary pictures of the inside of the uterus they made us look at in Year 9 Home Economics.

On the other hand, P., like many people, would not even look at the packaging; would not know there is a picture on this bottle; and would definitely not care either way. So, once again, a small concern that may niggle at me, but really is nothing at all. Just my pattern-making brain trying to make sense of stuff that it should not even worry about.

Anyway, I promised shoes, so here is the pair I wore today, which happen to be my favourite:

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, but I’m in my trackies and warm socks now, not going to take another pic tonight, no way.

I bought these shoes at Camberwell Market and they had only been worn once. They cost me $5. They’re Spanish -why do the Spanish make such good shoes?