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P. and I went to visit my sister Holly on Anzac day. The boys were recovering from a tummy bug, so they stayed home. I wasn’t feeling so hot either. But I still was determined to go because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been to visit and the long weekend makes it easier to bear the five hours of driving that a trip to Dereel involves.

Dereel is a tiny place about half an hour out of Ballarat. Holly lives there with her partner and her dog. She is a very good vegetable gardener and though her vegie garden is now at the end of the season, it still looks abundant.

There was much to admire since we had last visited. There’s a chook house, new fruit trees and berry canes and Holly’s partner has laid stone paving and made very handsome stairs and they have also put in a lovely pond for the frogs.

The house is very cosy and warm

and Holly gave us lots of delicious food for lunch and more to take home.

It is a peaceful place to be.

And then the drive home in the evening had me marvelling at the beauty of the sky, as I always do, and because P. was driving, I could play with my camera in the car.

I think this obsession with the sky must be part of the reason I no longer paint. No painting can compete with the changing beauty of the sky, especially a cloudy sky. I would be content to look at it all day. In the evening the colours are particularly exquisite, ranging from the most delicate violet to sea green and then a deep glowing blue as the sun sinks.

This little white blob is the moon.

Into the city lights and onto the Eastern freeway and then we were home.