Taking photos of your garden really shows you how much your brain has to do with seeing and how little your eye does. The brain will focus in on lovely combinations and interesting contrasts and make them seem important. The impartial lens of the camera does not dwell on these lovely parts and shows you the amorphous mass that your precious garden bed really is.

Plus there is the human desire to show just the best of your beloved. When photographing the garden, you always want to capture the magic, don’t you? So the view I would like to show you is:

but if I turn around and take a photo, there is this view:

a horrible weedy and half-dug area.

The path to the round garden looks relatively neat if you look at it like this:

but if you look on the other side, well, behold the horror:

a big mess of weedy growth in the process of being removed.

But worst of all is the driveway side of the garden, which used to look like:

Well, the nicest part of it did, anyway. The rest was just a bunch of shapeless shrubs to be honest.

Anyway, now it is a devastating scene:

but the good news is that Shane is coming with his big excavator on Saturday to dig it all up. The plan is to move the line of the driveway to reflect the house and open up the view to the front doors. The garden bed will be moved to where the driveway now is. Everything will be simplified, just some big rocks and grasses in front of the house and the garden bed will have small acacia trees and shrubs and more native grasses.

I hope it works.