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A lovely Friday….including a walk with Max to the local bike shop to get his bike repaired. It’s a wonderful spot on the Warburton trail, where they not only do bike repairs but great coffee, muffins and toasted sandwiches.

Later in the day, we met up with my parents and my youngest sister. We had some afternoon tea at the Basin, which happens to have a good, if pricey, second hand book shop.


I like Kate Atkinson, especially a collection of her short stories called ‘Not The End Of The World’, so this should be interesting. And even more exciting for me….

another Elizabeth Goudge. This book is the one that has been missing from my collection. I knew it existed only from the list of titles by the author often included in the front of books. I’d never seen it before, not even in a library. But ouch, the price! 35 dollars! I usually pay about 5 dollars for an old edition, maybe 10 if I really, really want it. Could I walk away? But I may never see it again. Oh the pain! Could I bargain it down? The cold-eyed book seller gave me the ”it’s very rare, very hard to find”, while I ummed and aahed over the exorbitant price. But she knew she had a sale, I couldn’t even bear to put it down in case someone else picked it up. And the shop was empty except for us! So out came the over-worked Visa card.

But what a treat to have one I haven’t read before. Guess I made room on the book shelves for a good reason.

‘Jude The Obscure’ is flowering beautifully;

such a luscious rose, with a heady, fruity fragrance. I almost want to eat it.

The vine on the western wall is at it’s absolute best right now;

which is just as well, as the rest of the garden is looking most sub-standard, as I have foolishly decided to make some structural changes to the front garden AND clear out a garden bed near the round garden AND redo all the garden beds near the pool AND the result is, well….pretty much chaos. I’ll post some pics of the wreckage soon, but tomorrow I’ll ignore it all and just try to get some weeding done and tidy up the rest of the garden, So if you do come over on Thursday, LL, my one and only blog reader, at least that bit of the garden might look presentable.

I am reading another library book now, “First Among Sequels” by Jasper Fforde. He is so fond of puns, it’s almost too much, but I can’t help but be sucked in by the inventiveness of his BookWorld. In this series, every story ever told actually exists in another universe called BookWorld. When books are read in our world, this is effected by a mechanism called imaginotransference technology. Thursday Next, the heroine, has to negotiate the politics of the genres working for Jurisfiction, which includes such challenges as mediating a border dispute between Racy Novels on one side and Feminist and Ecclesiatical on the other sides. Racy Novels is carrying out panty raids on Feminist and Ecclesiatical territory, who are retaliating with salvos of long winded intellectual dissent fired across the border… well it goes on and on, but the detail and Ffordes knowledge of books make it interesting.

I found on my camera some shots of Leo. To everyone’s disgust, I bought a heavy clay ornamental skull and I use it to prop up a pile of cds in the study. I love a memento mori, but the boys thinks it’s just kitsch. However, Leo obviously could not resist the posing opportunity this presented. Hence, I share with you now the great actor in full flight;

Oh and the Jeff Green show was very funny… we had a lovely night, tapas at Bar Lourinha first, some cold white wine and pancetta of kingfish with lemon oil…so good. And then we laughed to the point of exhaustion and it RAINED all the way home. It doesn’t get much better in Melbourne.