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“Happy Easter!”                   “….What?”

Yes, I know it’s not an original joke, but this is actually how these bunnies were positioned on the sideboard and I could not resist. No surprise, I never can resist when it comes to these babies. They’re so cute that it’s slightly disturbing to eat them- but delicious.

Also on the sideboard is a favourite silk painting that I bought in a junk shop in a country town- it might have been Yackandandah. In front stand two wobbly Ikea candle holders, bought years ago, just for the colour; and a little bird bell, a birthday present from a friend.

Over Easter, I was forced to take my own advice and clean up most of the bookshelves- not the children’s books, because that never works- but the other end of the hall bookshelf which actually had some broken shelves because of the accumulated weight of magazines on them. P repaired them for me, so I had to go through the pile and THROW SOME OUT. And then I was inspired enough to properly clean the living room bookshelves. So a whole pile of really old mags went into the recycle bin, and a few piles of books and less elderly mags are now waiting to be taken to the op shop.

I felt so virtuous after that.

But the piles still have to make it from the hall to the car, then from the car to the op shop. This process can take me some time.

Why oh why am I such a magazine buyer? And hoarder? I had YEARS worth of the things-  and I still do. I am trying very hard to buy less, but their siren call is strong when I am trying to remember what I should be buying in the supermarket, or innocently walking by a newsagent.

There are some magazines, however, that I still think are worth buying and keeping. ‘Dumbo Feather Pass It On‘ is a really interesting and inspiring magazine, or ‘mook’, that features stories on people who followed their dream in all sorts of areas. And I still go back to my old gardening magazines, mainly ‘Your Garden’, for inspiration. And my copies of ‘Empty‘ magazine, which I love for it’s vigorous approach to art and art creation, an approach that is lacking in more mainstream art mags, which can be very precious and up themselves, quite frankly.

We also got some gardening done. The windflowers, or Japanese anemones, look beautiful this year.

We made a new garden bed in front of the pool fence, which will hopefully provide the nudie boy with a trifle more protection from the road next swimming season. Actually, it’s really the road that needs protection from him- he has zero shame. It’s a tough spot to plant, due to the large gum trees nearby. They greedily suck every drop of moisture from the ground, so we built a raised bed and filled it with new soil, then 17 hardy little grevilleas, ‘Rosy’s Baby’, bought cheaply at a wholesale nursery clearance, then mulch. So here’s hoping. Bring on the rain.

I’m out tonight to see a Comedy Festival show; Jeff Green. He was very funny at the Comedy Bites show that we saw the week before last, so looking forward to it.