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Here is a small homage to Sei Shonagon*

Squalid things:

a bathroom mirror speckled with toothpaste scum
milky tepid tea or coffee, especially in large thick mugs
a mother screaming at her child
the smell of cabbage
puce – both the word and the colour

Pleasing things:

a quiet garden
a rose of the softest peach
a bookshelf recently dusted and arranged
sunlight filtered by green leaves
the scent of cloves
cinnamon – both the word and the spice
a hot, strong cup of tea

People are annoying when:

they pick their nose in their car, as if you couldn’t see them through their TRANSPARENT glass windows
they answer their phones in the middle of a discussion with you
they eat with their mouths open and you see all their chewed up food

People are wonderful when:

they open their hearts and let you in despite your pernicketyness

*’The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon’