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Saturday was busy, as Saturdays always are, but I did take ten minutes to cut back the spent ginger lilies and put some of the fresher blooms in a tall vase in the house.

These gorgeous flowers are a favourite and grow happily around our large water tank, framing the path down to the round garden. Their scent is divine.

I also cut back an amazing amount of growth from the Albertine rose over the small water tank. This thorny monster was throwing out canes up to 5 metres long into the garden in front of it. It would entirely eat that garden if I let it. But I put up with it because of this:

which is how it looked last Spring.

The other thing I made time to do was make coffee. This may sound like not much, but it is very significant to a coffee addict like me. We only use the coffee machine at home on the weekends usually, so it’s not really worth buying a very expensive machine. So we have a small cheap one which does heat the water a little too much, but is otherwise okay if you take care.

My tips;

  • Steam the milk first and let it sit while you run the espresso.
  • Try not to get too much air into the milk. If you keep the steaming wand relatively still, you get a nice moussey finish to the froth. Large air bubbles kill this.
  • Remember the espresso should be one third, the milk two thirds.
  • Spoon the froth onto the espresso first then gently pour the milk over. I don’t know why this tastes better, but it does.

We also went to the library and now this pile is waiting for me.

Actually the stack at the back are books I own or that Mum loaned to me and the dvd and magazines are the youngest son’s, so there aren’t that many really. So far I have read ‘Dewey’, which was a true story about a cat who lived in a library in Ohio. Not my usual reading fare, but light and interesting enough, sort of like an extended ‘Good Weekend’ article. There has been a spate of pet stories in the bookshop I’ve noticed; who doesn’t love a fluffy animal with life changing lessons to teach? Gosh darn it, they’re just so damn cute. Sure-fire sellers too; I should tell the eldest son (the aspiring writer) to write one of those.

I got the Margaret Atwood book you can see at the top because I read ‘The Year of the Flood’, her new book, just recently and absolutely loved it. Which was a nice surprise, because I am a bit ambivalent about her writing. I didn’t enjoy ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at all. If you haven’t read ‘The Year of the Flood’ yet, I can recommend it.